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Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Reach users in selected countries, hours, days, period, operating system etc.

Detailed statistics

Detailed Statistics

Every user receives our advanced statistic and detailed traffic reports for free.

Fair Value

Fair Value

Both advertisers and publishers receive the best value. It's our promise.

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Clicks 30 days

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GET $3 SignUp Bonus

For our $3 SignUp Bonus you will get
1500+ Impression OR up to 12 Clicks!


SignUp TODAY, and you get additional $3 credits added to your new advertising account! For the SignUp Bonus + $2 FROM YOU you get 1 Banner Ad for 30 day with unlimited Impressions and clicks.


AS AN EXAMPLE: Top-UP $100, you get +$100 Bonus:
You will have 40 Banner Ads for 30 days with unlimited Impressions and Clicks. You can split the advert amount across the available AD Zones or chose only 10 banner and advertise 4 months. Check additional details below and ready our Terms & Conditions.


Get 25% of all the money spent by advertisers you referred!
SignUp for FREE, Start free advertising and get your unique Referer-Link, TODAY!


🤔 Top-UP: $5, Bonus
= Total AD amount $5
🙂 Top-UP: $10 + 10% Bonus
= Total AD amount $11
😉 Top-UP: $15,+ 15% Bonus
= Total AD amount $17.25
😘 Top-UP: $20 + 25% Bonus
= Total AD amount $25
😍 Top-UP: $50 + 50% Bonus
= Total AD amount $75
🤑 Top-UP: $100 + 100% Bonus
= Total AD amount $200

One-Time-Payment, NO Contracts, NO further binding

Our Top-UP price system is quite easy, you can choose between 4 different Top-UP prices. All Top-UPs are a "One-Time-Payment", no contract, no further binding.

How it works?

Right after purchasing one of our Top-Up packages you are ready to go. The total AD amount (Top-UP amount + bonus) is what you effectively can use in your AD campaigns. Ads will be assigned to AD-Zones which are located at fixed locations in our publisher websites. Each AD zone may have its own price for Impression, Clicks and 30 Days. Your total AD amount can be assigned to 1 or more AD campaigns. Thus, you can run multiple/different AD Campaigns at the same time. To each AD Campaign, you can assign up to five AD Zones. If the assigned money for a campaign is consumed, the Ads for this campaign will not be shown anymore.

Get FREE Advertising across selected ITCS websites

If you use one of our ITCS PREMIUM Online-Complete-Solution™ Service Plans, or our ITCS GPLMarket PREMIUM Service Plan, you can advertise your website, products or services agross ITCS Websites for FREE!

More details about ITCS Online-Complete-Solution you find here.
Demo Websites you find here.

How To activate your first Ad?

Right after purchasing one of our Ad-Packages you can follow the easy steps below.

By using one of our OCS Packages your AD Account will be ready to use as soon as your new website is up and running. Depending on the OCS - Package you choose you will get the Online Banner Design for FREE as well.

a) Click "New Ad" from the menu.

a) Fill in your Ad Titel
b) Choose the Ad-Type
c) Click "Continue"

a) Fill in the Ad URL (This is the URL where an user who click on the banner get redirected.)
b) Click "Choose File" and select from the dialog window the Ad image for the before choosen size. Example 728x90 pixel
c) Click "Save"
d) Optional: you can fill in the Alt Tag text for your ad

a) Fill in the budget you like to use for this Ad
b) Select the Ad-Zone from the Drop-Down Seletion
c) Select "Pay for Clicks" or "Pay for Days"

a) Optional: You can choose many options for your ad. (self-explanatory)

a) Choose your Payment method: Pay via Paypal or via available funds
b) Click "Save"

All Done!
Our team will review your new ad within 24 hour, and approve if all requironments met.